We are all about teaching kids to realize their potential.  To become the best that they can be but also and moreover, teaching life lessons for empowerment, self esteem, and confidence framed around teamwork, and hard work.  It's what we do and why people keep coming back!  

Read below some of the testimonials folks have been saying about the Shack!

7/27/2017 James Kimmerle:  "My son has been coming to the Hack Shack for over a year and the training and development has been outstanding!  He has worked in individual and group sessions at different times with Bill, Kevin, Leo, and Isaac.  All are amazing instructors!  They know baseball.  Buy more than this - they know how to teach baseball in a way that kids can understand and do it right.  And they really do care about developing the kids.  I can't say enough how thankful we are for the opportunity to learn from these guys!  And it really does feel like a family here - so glad to be a part of this family!"

3/23/17  Jeff Ball:  "Amazing People!!! Great with Kids, highly recommend!"

11/10/16  Shannon Armstrong:   "Bill is so great with my son.  Knowledgeable, patient and he laughs with him as well.  He loves coming here, so worth it!!"

6/25/2017  Kent Preston Geise:  "You will love Bill Sampen and staff!!  ... Bill simplified hitting for Tuff (Kent's son).  I can't wait to see #2 (Tuff) after a winter (2017-18) with Bill."

6/29/17  Jerry Ammon:  "I think the real winners are the folks that get the pleasure of meeting and working with the folks at the Hack Shack!  ...My son has NEVER left lessons and wanted to practice at home...he has NEVER begged me to go back and offer his allowance to help pay!!!....Wish we would have found you years ago!!"

6/30/2017  Hughie Corrigan:  "My son plays 10u travel ball and was in a slump hitting so we took him to see Bill Sampen @ the Hack Shack.  Bill watched him hit some and then went  directly to what needed fixed...he showed him on a video and worked with him on it and sent him home with "homework" to work on!!  This is the place to go to if you wanna get better!  Bill and his wife Amy are great and glad we are part of the Hack Shack Family.  Thanks guys for all you do!"

6/2017 Brandy Hataway: "He asked for lessons for his birthday last year. It's definitely been worth it!!! He's had amazing coaches who not only have taught him proper technique so he doesn't hurt himself (or do more than a 9-10 year old body should do), but also about character and hard work."

6/30/2017 Kent Preston Geise:  "The HACK SHACK is a place where kids get better at baseball, meet great teachers of the game, gain confidence, and quickly become family. My son personally had 23 throwing errors in 2016. We signed him up for pitching lessons with Coach Sampen and he cut out 95% of his throwing errors with pitching lessons. He also found his control on the mound under Coach Sampen. On to hitting....WOW WOW WOW!!! In just a few lessons my son went from struggling against good pitchers to smashing them and hitting them hard!! Coach Sampen SIMPLIFIES THE PROCESS!!!! We just love our HACK SHACK FAMILY!!! I could just keep going! We love y'all!! Truly mean that!! Just super impressed with the HACK SHACK"

7/6/2017 Mike Haboush:  "The Hack Shack has been a great resource for my 2 boys. We started almost a year ago going 1 day a week. Their comprehension of hitting, fielding, pitching and really all phases of the game have improved tremendously thru the guidance of Coach Samp and the Hack Shack. The Shack treats my boys like their own and for that I will be forever grateful. Would 100% recommend the Shack if you want to improve your game!"

6/12/2017 Craig Toney: "Going to the Shack was the best decision I've made for development of my son as a ball player and as a maturing young man. They teach how to play the game the way it is supposed to be played.  From the first moment we walked in the door, we felt at home. As a parent, peace of mind that your child is in good hands and that you can whole heartedly trust what they're doing for your child is priceless. Everyone you meet at the Shack truly cares about your child and about the game we all love so much! Being a member of the Hack Shack isn't just a membership, it's being part of a family!"

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