Scheduling a lesson at Samps Hack Shack is easy!

1. Create an account for your family. You can do this by clicking the red “Login/Register” button in the top righthand corner of this page. Please put the athletes legal guardian as the account holder, and then add the athlete(s) as family members. 
2. Login to your account. You will use the calendar on the home page to schedule lessons (NOTE: if you are wanting to schedule more that one athlete at a time please contact us to schedule!). 
  • Location is chosen by which side of the calendar you schedule on. The lefthand side of the calendar is the Brownsburg location and the righthand side is the Plainfield location. 
  • The blue color on the calendar means AVAILABLE and every other color means NOT AVAILABLE
  • Lessons are scheduled by the half hour – you can only schedule on the :00/:30 time slots.
  • Once you find a time with your desired instructor, you will click the blue box and an appointment box will pop up for you to fill out. This is where you will choose your desired skill to work on and the duration of the lesson.
  • Add to cart to checkout or add additional lessons! (NOTE: Your reservation isn’t finalized until you complete payment!)
If you are interested in booking several lessons in advance and would like to pay as you go please reach out to us so we can schedule the lessons for you!