About Samp’s Hack Shack

Bill had remained involved in baseball in some way since his retirement as a major league pitcher in 1994. His involvement has ranged from personal and group instruction to High School coach to travel coach and summer camp director.

Since baseball had been a love of his since childhood and having had the opportunities that he did, coaching and instruction was a way for him to give back to the game that he loved and appreciated. All three of Bill and Amy’s boys were also lovers of the game of baseball and played since the age of 5 years old. All of this added up to exploring the opportunity to open their own facility in 2009. After seeing a sign advertising available warehouse space, they began the process of pursuing the venture. On November 1, 2009, Samp’s Hack Shack opened it’s doors.

From the very beginning, Samp’s Hack Shack has served athletes of all ages and all ability levels. The goal has always been to help athletes understand and play the game better so as to allow them to reach their potential and enjoy the game more.

While Samp’s Hack Shack has had dozens of athletes continue their baseball and softball careers at the collegiate and professional levels, the commitment is simply to care about the development of any and all athletes.

Samp’s Hack Shack does not only care about helping athletes become better players, but also help them become better people. In other words, our focus and concern goes far beyond the mound and well past the plate!! Come check us out!! We would love to meet you!

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