What are Academies?

Academies are 8 week programs designed to work on a specific skill and/or skills. These include 1 hour per week of training with our highly qualified staff that includes former MLB players, former and current MILB players, former D1 players, current MLB scouts, and various other former collegiate players. These programs provide a learning and competitive environment to push and develop our athletes to the best of their abilities! CLICK HERE to schedule academies and to view more information!


Available Academies:

Foundations of  Hitting Academy

Athletes will work on set up, correct body movements, mechanics, and opposite field hitting. They will also receive video analysis of themselves as well as video examples of current and former MLB greats. Lead instructor is owner and former MLB player, Bill Sampen.


Advanced Hitting Academy (MUST request invite)

Athletes will work on opposite field hitting, pitch recognition, breaking ball hitting, High FB hitting, video analysis, and MORE! Lead instructor is owner and former MLB player, Bill Sampen. To request an invitation, please email


Gold Glove Catching Academy

Athletes will work on receiving technique, blocking skills, primary and secondary set up, throwing, and more! Lead instructor is Kevin Barnhart, father of Gold Glove winning catcher, Tucker Barnhart!!



Pitching Academy

Athletes will focus on the kinetic chain and proper body sequencing needed to maximize “stuff”, and protect the throwing arm. Pitch sequencing, changing eye level, and set up pitches will also be discussed. Lead instructor is owner and former MLB player, Bill Sampen.


All Skills Academy

This academy is geared towards our younger athletes(6-8yrs old). Fundamentals of hitting, throwing, and fielding will be taught. Some fun games and activities will be used to reinforce the things learned throughout the 8 weeks! Very cost effective and fun!