Welcome to the Shack!

Since November of 2009 we have been providing professional training services to athletes of all ages and all talent levels. From day one our purpose has been to provide the very best training available in a positive and encouraging manner. It is our desire to help athletes understand and play the game better in order to allow them to enjoy the game more.

That remains our purpose to this day. Whether a player has Little League, High School varsity, college or professional ability we will give our best effort to help them reach their goals.

While baseball and softball require a high level of physical skill, they also require mental development. So, while we train the athlete’s body we also train the brain. This part of the game and athlete development tends to be under-taught while the physical aspects are oft-times over-taught.

Our goal is to develop the athlete’s mind as we develop their mechanics in order to help them enhance all aspects of their game.

Sports and competition are a great opportunity for young athletes to learn to deal with success, failure and adversity. It is our desire to help them during this process in hopes that we can play some small role in them becoming better players and better people.

Thanks for checking in with us and we hope to see you soon!!