Classes We Offer

Classes are 8 to 12 week programs designed to work on a specific skill and/or skills. These include 1 to 3 hours per week of training with our highly qualified staff that includes former MLB players, former and current MILB players, former D1 players, current MLB scouts, and various other former collegiate players. These programs provide a learning and competitive environment to push and develop our athletes. Currently available classes are listed below.

Arm Care and Velocity

Athletes will receive the following:

  • Baseline readings week 1, week 8, week 15 in mound velocity, varying med ball throws, broad jump, shuttle runs, lateral bound, and 10 yard dash to measure improvements
  • Pre and post throwing routine that will strengthen the muscles used during the throwiing motion
  • Monitored use of weighted balls to improve mechanical effeciency
  • 1 hour workout routines 2x per week
  • Movements to improve balance, mobility, core stability
  • Take home assignments to futher improve upon movements and topics covered in class
  • Individualized mechanical work

Advanced Hitting

New in 2020! With the use of the brand new JUGS BP3 Machine and Rapsodo 2.0, we will be gathering critical data in live time needed to best assess each player’s specific needs. The JUGS machine is capable of mixing all types of pitches (righty and lefty) to best simulate game-like repetitions while gathering useful data such as exit velocity, launch angle, on field ball flight, and ball spin using the rapsodo 2.0! Hitters will receive training in:

  • Baseline readings of exit velocity and ball flight
  • Drills and homework to improve baseline readings
  • Righty and Lefty changeups and breaking balls
  • Hitting elevated Fastballs
  • Pitch recognition
  • Live at bats using the JUGS “mixed pitches” capabililty
  • Effecient swing mechanics
  • Physical set up
  • Player’s movement in the box
  • Timing
  • Hitting to all fields
  • Player Video

Infield Defense

This class will cover the following topics:

  • Foot work
  • Fielding technique
  • Body positioning (Including forehands,backhands, and throwing)
  • Rhythm
  • Ball transfers
  • Turning double plays
  • Fielding balls on the run
  • Throws on the run
  • Tagging runners
  • Holding runners
  • Cuts and relays

All Skills

This academy is geared towards our younger athletes (5-6yrs old & 7-9yrs old). Fundamentals of hitting, throwing, and fielding will be taught. Some fun games and activities will be used to reinforce the things learned throughout the program. Very cost effective and fun!

Pitch Design (Coming Fall 2020)

Speed and Explosion  (Coming Fall 2020)